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7 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want A Successful Renovation

It has always been said that you learn from mistakes, and in renovations it usually happens that we make many, since it is not something that we usually do very often .

But, if you already have a reform behind your back, surely more than once you will have made the odd mistake that you did not repeat in the next reform .

The mistakes that are usually made are the most common when no reform has ever been made . And since we know what they are, we will tell you about them below so that you do not commit them and have a reform as it deserves .

What To Do To Avoid Making Any Mistakes In The Reform?

1. Ask A Professional For Help

We all know that a reform requires a lot of dedication, time and money. There are many decisions that have to be made and it can be overwhelming.

Sometimes we think we can do it alone. But the most recommended thing is that we have the support of a professional who knows the sector in depth and advises and helps us in every step we take in the process.

Find a professional company in your area. For example, if you are from Valencia, look for an architect or interior designer in Valencia. It will inform you of the latest materials on the market, the optimal spatial distribution, ideas that you may not know, etc., in addition to saving money and time, even if you think it is an unnecessary expense.

2. Look For Budgets

When we want to reform our house, the first thing we must do is put a cap on what is going to be spent on it. Many people start out crazy and beyond their means and as they buy and spend their money, they realize that they cannot keep up.

Therefore, it is important to be realistic and to know how much is the most that can be spent on the reform of the house and to choose the materials according to the budget you have.

3. Have A Detailed Project

This point is another very common mistake, not having a detailed project before starting the reform. If you do not have detailed plans of what your house will be like after the reform, you may find yourself with many problems during the work.

Having a detailed project will help you avoid making hasty decisions on the fly. In a reform in which a lot of money is going to be invested, it is best to anticipate and have everything under control.

4. Find Out About The Permits You Need

Before starting a reform, we must be aware of all the permits we need to be able to start the work. Find out well and with a professional about the requirements you need to carry out your reform.

Keep in mind that the bureaucratic process that you have to go through is one of the longest and most expensive parts of the renovations, but it is necessary so that the house does not tear down once it has been renovated.

5. Choose Ideas That Fit At Home

When we are planning a renovation, we are always guided by an inspiration that we have probably seen somewhere. Whether in magazines, blogs, a friend’s house or on social media.

Sometimes it happens that we see a kitchen, a bedroom or a living room that makes us fall in love and we want it just the same in our house. But this is unfortunately not always possible, since all the houses are not equally large, and they are not distributed in the same way. Therefore, we must listen to the opinion of a professional so as not to make any mistake that may upset us in the future.

6. Have Savings For The Unexpected

This point is perhaps one of the most important, since one of the most common mistakes is to start a reform with the right budget. There can always be some unforeseen events such as having to demolish partitions or change installations.

Therefore, it is essential to have extra money saved for these types of problems. Thus, if they arise, you will always have a mattress to support you.

7. Don’t Save On Finishes

The house is not reformed every day, in fact, you may only do it once in your life. For this reason, it is important to think about each decision that is going to be made. As with clothes, it also happens with the house. There are fashions that come and go, and what may be the boom this summer, the coming summer stops being so.

Therefore, it is essential to invest in timeless quality finishes in those elements that are going to suffer more wear and tear on a day-to-day basis, such as the kitchen countertop, floors or sanitary ware and that are functional and neutral for us. But, above all, that we continue to like them in the future.

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