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Best Way To Clean A Gas Cooker

The kitchen is one of the places that can store more dirt due to the amount of fat that comes off while cooking, today we tell you how to easily and effectively clean a gas stove.

In the kitchen there are many elements that can get dirty due to constant cooking: extractor hood, tiles, worktop, furniture and of course, the kitchen itself.

Many people consider that electric cookers are more comfortable because they are easier to clean, but we are going to show you how to clean your kitchen in a practical and simple way, without having to buy so many brand-name products.

Advantages Of The Gas Cooker

There are several advantages offered by the gas cooker, below we will briefly indicate them to later explain why one by one:

  • Food is richer cooking with gas
  • With gas you can save more than with the electric stove
  • Gas is easier to regulate and manipulate
  • The gas cooker is easier to clean
  • More and more chefs are betting on modern kitchens with gas
  • There are gorgeous modern gas ranges to add a unique touch to your kitchen.

Despite the fact that fashions showed us that ceramic hobs were the ideal kitchens, there are many people who stayed with gas stoves and that right now they are enjoying greater financial savings in household expenses.

In addition, another advantage of cooking with Natural Gas is that food is better cooked because having instant heat creates a film around it and while they are crispy on the outside, they do not lose their juiciness or stay dry on the inside. Or well, what can I tell you about fried foods, with gas they are much better.

Another of the great advantages is that the flame is adjustable, so that one can modify the temperature instantly while with the vitro it is progressive, so it takes time to get the temperature we want with all that this can mean for the dish that We are cooking.

Cleaning Tips

To get the burners to be perfectly shiny and to remove that fat that sometimes becomes embedded and that seems to never want to come off, we have several options:

Normally, the burners can be easily removed, but always pay attention to the way they are placed so that later you can replace them without problems. An effective job, but which usually takes a little more time, is to rub with an aluminum scourer to gradually remove the grease, polish it and leave it looking like new.

The use of degreasers can also be one of the great options and in the market, you can find a great offer. If you are more homemade, in a container with hot water add the juice of a lemon or vinegar, add a couple of tablespoons of bicarbonate and put the burners for an hour, then dry them and with an aluminum scourer and a little more of baking soda, rub and see how easy it is.

Later we find other products that are also usually useful, such as ammonia , but whose smell and toxicity make them less interesting to use. They are effective but whenever you use it, keep the kitchen well ventilated.

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