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Cross Stitch Benefits

The weeks of confinement have made our desire to do cross stitch even more, and it is a super entertaining and relaxing activity. In fact, it seems that it has been placed among one of our favorite tasks to give a touch of color and fun to our days.

But… did you know that cross stitching has a lot of benefits? we are in love with cross stitch and that is why we want to share with you some of its most outstanding therapeutic benefits . No matter how old you are, this activity is one of the most recommended to do at home: from the youngest to the oldest.


It is used as therapy to motivate and increase self-esteem, as well as connection with the world.

It is an activity that helps us escape and relax. It is one of the best ways to get rid of stress! In fact, it also lowers blood pressure.

It improves concentration and attention levels, in fact it is highly recommended for children with hyperactivity. It is a great way to channel energy.

Stimulates creativity as it stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain associated with creativity.

Enhance hand-eye coordination.

It increases self-confidence as we take pride in a job well done when we see a finished creation of our own.

Improves social relationships as it can be a meeting point between people.
It is an escape route from social networks , technology and screens, and reconnects with your being.

It makes people happy , especially when you create clothes or objects for other people. The result is always a detail full of affection and love.

Did you know all these therapeutic benefits? Surely many of them have caught you by surprise!!

Now more than ever we have to let our imagination run wild , be creative and think of activities that make our lives easier. There are days when it seems that the house falls on us, but luckily, we have those hobbies that put us in a good mood. For us it is sewing, cross stitch, patchwork, crafts with the little ones …

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