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The Applique Technique In Embroidery

Applique is an embroidery technique that consists of using pieces of fabric that, sewn during embroidery, add texture and color to the design. It is used both for aesthetic reasons and for the significant savings in stitches that are achieved, since color is added to surfaces without the need to cover them with embroidery stitches.

Although it is applicable in all types of embroidery, it is very common to use it in baby and children’s themes. Whatever the field of application, very varied results are achieved by simply changing the fabric used for the applique.

The term “Applique Embroidery” is sometimes also used to define the embroidered patches that are applied or sewn onto garments, leading to some confusion.

Here’s how to do this.

– Loading the design into the memory of the embroidery machine

– Rack the garment to be embroidered

Do it the same way you would for a normal embroidery: choose the right hoop, use the most convenient interfacing, and fix it with adhesive if you think it is necessary.

– Sew the edge of the appliqué

You can do it with any color, then it will be covered by the applique fabric.

– Place the applique fabric

Apply some adhesive spray on the appliqué fabric before placing it on the garment, to prevent the adhesive from damaging the embroidery machine, the stitched edge above will guide you to the correct position. Make sure to remove wrinkles well.

– Locking stitches

Sew the edge of the appliqué again, this time to secure the fabric to the garment (the red arrow points to the seam, also in red)

– Cut out the applique fabric

Trim excess fabric beyond the stitched edge. Adjust as much as possible without cutting the stitches. For more comfortable trimming, remove the hoop from the machine, but do not remove the garment from the hoop!

– Final stitches

Put the hoop back in the machine and start embroidering the border

-2 types of stitches

Zigzag stitches will first be applied around the edge (yellow arrow). Finally a column stitch (blue arrow) is applied, which gives the final finish.

And that’s it …

You have finished the appliqué embroidery. You can repeat this same design on the garment with different appliqué fabrics. Surely you will have to do a review with scissors to trim excess threads. You can also use the Stitch-Eraser to do this cleaning more quickly.

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