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The Importance of Rugs In Your Overall Decor

The importance of rugs

Today we want to talk to you about rugs and the importance they have in your overall decoration. It is a fact that rugs play a very important role in any décor project.

Many people think that adding rugs is not a good idea, and their main reason is the maintenance they frequently require.

Others also relate the rugs as a “dust collector”; a habitat for mites and a reason for allergies and some also mention the danger they can pose to tripping, especially in the case of older people.

However, let us tell you that this idea does not correspond to the reality of current rugs since in terms of maintenance, materials, functionality and importance, fortunately, a long way has been traveled, so the advantages of placing them are many now.

How can the rugs be of benefit to us?

  1. First of all, they provide us with WARMTH since they allow us to unite the set of furniture and decorative elements. They also allow the furniture not to appear to be in the air, thus making them look like they have life and are welcoming.

This warmth is also determined by the fact that the rugs muffle noise and avoid that feeling of echo or emptiness. This is, in our opinion, the functional and most important aspect of rugs.

  1. Secondly, rugs allow us to delimit spaces and therefore help us to enhance environments, highlight them, enlarge or reduce them when the dimensions are uncomfortable. And this is essential whenever we are designing and decorating.
  2. On the other hand, and no less important, the rugs provide COLOR either in a single tone or combined, in the case of patterned rugs.
  3. Rugs also offer us TEXTURES, which is essential when we place them, for example, on porcelain floors or when we want to counteract or enhance a certain decorative style.

Where can we place a rug?

Practically in any location. A rug will look great anywhere. We just need to put the right one and in a way that combines well with the overall environment.


Living rooms and dining rooms are part of the places where we always imagine a rug and, either by tradition or by demand, it is the place par excellence.

I think it is really hard for us to imagine a sofa area or a living room area without any of those traditional silk rugs even though we also know that it is very common in places like under an armchair or a dining table.


The bedroom is another of the rooms where it makes sense to place a rug. However, it is no longer as common to see them on both sides of the bed as before. Now we tend to place them at the foot (whenever space allows) or under the bed, going beyond it and extending to the sides. And it is also fundamental in the dressing area.


In the case of children’s or youth bedrooms, the rug also plays an important role as it is great for the creation of play areas or expansion on the floor while at the same time providing a good touch of color and personality.


There are other areas of the house where the carpet can also be present: the bathroom, the terrace or the hall. In the latter, the rugs can play a good decorative role since, being generally small halls, they make up for the scarcity or absence of furniture, dressing and decorating them.

What materials can they be made of?


Natural fibers, such as wool, may not be as much in demand today because they require some maintenance, but in certain environments and circumstances, they can provide a special, elegant and personal touch.

On the other hand, other natural fibers such as vegetable fibers; jute, sisal… are making a strong comeback given the prevalence of sustainability and care for the environment, as well as the desire to give natural and exotic touches to environments.


To this section belong what we could call “new generation” rugs.

We refer to polyamides, polypropylenes, either short-pile or with textures that resemble natural vegetable fibers with the advantage that cleaning is very easy and comfortable and that they are softer to the touch.


Recycled fibers are very current and in great demand as they respond to the needs for practicality and the current mentality of respect for the environment.

With all that has been said, we hope that you will see the importance of placing a rug that is suitable for the dimensions, style, composition, tones and textures that the environment requires.

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