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Top 10 Reasons Couples Go to Therapy

No matter how long you’ve been together, the issues that bring couples to therapy are often very similar. While each couple will have their own solutions, these are the top 10 reasons that couples seek professional help.

1. Jealousy

No matter if one of the partners is obsessed with the other’s social media activity or convinced that their partner is having an affair, jealousy can quickly endanger a relationship. Or not.

2. Addiction

Substance abuse and behavioral addictions can have a negative impact on relationships. The partner who is not addicted is usually the one to seek treatment.

3. Infidelity

An affair can cause anger, hurt, resentment and betrayal that can’t always be overcome. Some couples find that this situation can make them stronger. Professional treatment can often be successful in helping the couple move forward when both partners agree to end the relationship.

4. Distribution of housework

While cooking, cleaning and running errands might not seem to be very important, it can be a significant issue in a relationship. If one partner feels the need to do most of the work, they may become angry or resentful. This can lead to daily disputes that grow over time.

15. Money

Financial disagreements can cause stress in any relationship, regardless of your nature as a thrifty or a wasteful person. If this topic isn’t addressed, financial disagreements can lead to a breakdown in the relationship and create problems over time.

6. Paternity

Parenting issues can cause major conflict, from deciding how many children you want to have to how to parent them. A parent might try to win over the children, or compensate for their perceived parenting errors. These tactics can often lead to a change in the home hierarchy, where one parent may work against the other and not as a team.

7. Family problems

One of the most common complaints that couples have is about their parent-in-law. Common complaints are that one or both of the spouses wants less contact with their families, or they want their partner more involved in their activities.

8. Value differences

Sometimes, couples forget their differences in values. The values can change over time and could affect the relationship. Couples therapy teaches couples to accept differences in values rather than trying to change them.

9. Communication

Communication problems can lead to relationships being weakened by avoiding difficult topics or minimizing the feelings of others. Couples who have difficulty communicating are more likely to hurt one another’s feelings and may not be able to communicate well without support.

10. Permission to Divorce

Sometimes, couples seek professional assistance because they are certain that they will get divorced. Some may feel guilty about ending a relationship, while others desire to be able say “We tried everything” even though they aren’t trying to reconcile. They hope that a professional will be able to say that the decision to part is a wise one.

How do I find help?

Talk to a professional who can help strengthen your relationship. Sometimes, a few sessions can be enough to get you on the right track.

You can do it on your own if your partner doesn’t want to participate in couples therapy. Talking to a therapist alone can be a great way to make positive changes in your relationship.

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